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MZL Collection is a women's clothing brand established in June 2018 by Kandilli Tekstil to make a difference in the fashion sector. MZL Collection co-founder is Mr. Muhammed Eymen Saraç, a young entrepreneur. MZL Collection aims to grow in domestic and international markets with its experienced staff and innovative structure in both virtual and physical stores and to represent modern elegant lines in the modest clothing sector. With the most beautiful colors, artistic touches, natural materials, and eco-friendly products, unique designs with suitable prices have come together under the umbrella of MZL Collection. mMZL Collection is a brand that believes in success. It is innovative, inspiring, making differences with big goals, growing with teamwork, elegant, dynamic, with stylish collections, which contributes to the new fashion concept with effective steps.
Istanbul, Türkiye
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A wholesale clothing model wears  Shirt - White
, Turkish wholesale Shirt of Mizalle
Shirt - White
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A wholesale clothing model wears  Shirt Tunic - Black
, Turkish wholesale Tunic of Mizalle
Shirt Tunic - Black
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A wholesale clothing model wears  Pearl Detailed Shoulder Ecru Sweatshirt
, Turkish wholesale Sweatshirt of Mizalle
Pearl Detailed Shoulder Ecru Sweatshirt
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A wholesale clothing model wears  Pants - Black
, Turkish wholesale Pants of Mizalle
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Pants - Black
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