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Top 5 Turkish Wholesale Clothing Websites

Looking for fashionable, high-quality clothing collections for your boutique? We promise you, Turkey is the best spot.

In fact, in 2021, Turkey ranked as the fourth-leading country in clothing exports by share of world exports. Therefore, Turkey is home to several wholesale clothing websites that provide a vast range of clothing.

Boutiques all around the world prefer purchasing clothes from Turkish wholesale clothing stores since the clothing price–performance ratio is very very attractive in Turkey, these wholesale vendors can help you buy high-quality clothing at the best reasonable prices. That makes Turkey the best for wholesale clothes.

If you want to learn more about why prices are low in Turkey, you can check out our blog.

Now that you know wholesaling clothes from Turkey is cheap, you must choose the right Turkish wholesale website to place your order.

You can source clothes from Turkey by purchasing online from the Turkish wholesale clothing websites. Here's a list of Turkish wholesale clothing websites where you can source clothes from Turkey :

  1. Lonca
  2. Turkopt
  3. Fimkastore
  4. Istanbul Fashion Center
  5. Modacan Toptan

4 Best Turkish Wholesale Clothing Websites

1. Lonca

4 Women Wearing Clothing Available at Lonca

Lonca is one of the best wholesale clothing websites to order wholesale clothing from Turkey at reasonable prices. This brand new US-based startup is committed to connecting boutiques with Turkey's top-most wholesale clothing suppliers. So, it could be said that than a Turkish wholesale clothing website, it's a online wholesale clothing marketplace.

Backed by venture capitals in the US, Lonca has brought Turkish wholesale vendors under one marketplace. The store features a wide selection of fashionable and comfy clothing from different brands.

For the same products the prices on Lonca is less compared to other marketplaces, which makes it a preferable option.

Visit the website to check their unique clothing collection.

Other Related Details:

Category Range: You can find a huge range of clothing for women, men, and kids along with home textiles and other accessories at Lonca. However, they don’t have a few articles, like wedding dresses and men's formal suits.

Shipping Process: Takes 7 to 10 business days for order delivery and the cost depends on the order size. You will see the cost on the checkout page before the payment.

Free Return: Yes, but only for defective products.

Minimum Order Quantity: No Minimum.

Payment Options: Bank/Credit Card

2. Turkopt

4 Women Wearing Dresses Available at Turkopt

Turkopt is another wholesale clothing website in Turkey. This online marketplace stores an exclusive range of high-quality, trendy wholesale Turkish clothes from over 100 reputed Turkish wholesale vendors.

At Turkopt, you can find products of endless categories.

They ship orders all over the world. Visit their website to check out their stylish products and place your order today.

One negative point about this Turkish wholesale clothing website is that its interface is not user-friendly since it is very old. You will also notice it after browsing.

Other Related Details:

Category Range: Women’s, men’s, and kids’ clothings are available.

Shipping Process: Delivery to the USA takes 4 to 5 business days with Express Shipping and the cost depends on package weight. For an idea about shipping charges, check out this page.

Free Return: They don’t accept products’ returns if they are not defective.

Minimum Order Quantity: $300.

Payment Options: Bank Transfer, WorldRemit, Western Union, Unistream, PayPal, MoneyGram, etc.

3. Fimkastore

4 Women Wearing Clothing Available at Fimka Store

Fimka Store is an online wholesale clothing website in Turkey that provides trendy clothing to businesses from top Turkish suppliers.

This online clothing marketplace features a wide range of clothing items in all styles and sizes.

Though they have thousands of clothing pieces, their collection doesn’t include modest clothing.

Fimka Store has clients in over 100 countries. They provide a 5% discount on the first order if the purchase is made on their mobile app.

Other Related Details:

Category Range: Offers only women’s clothing. And you can’t find modest clothing

Shipping Process: Average shipping is 3 business days and the cost depends on the weight, like for 10kg – $170, 20kg – $270, 30kg – $350, and so on

Free Return: Return is not free, but they accept returns for damaged products

Minimum Order Quantity: No Minimum

Payment Options: Credit Card

4. Istanbul Fashion Center

3 Women Wearing Dresses Available at Istanbul Fashion Center

Istanbul Fashion Center or IFC is a famous wholesale shopping center for women's clothing in Turkey. This Turkish wholesale website stocks a vast selection of the latest designs from over 200 brands.

Though you will find a vast range of different styles, their main focus is on special occasion dresses, such as engagements and weddings. If you’re looking for event dresses, you must go to this site. They offer a fabulous range of special dresses, this is their strong category.

Visit the website, select a fashion brand, browse their trendsetting collection, and place orders to fulfill your boutique's requirements.

Other Related Details:

Category Range: They offer only women’s clothing with a very rich collection of special dresses. Other categories are weak. Don’t have the men and kids collection. No home textile and swimwear.

Shipping Process: Use DHL and UPS service for delivery and the cost depends on the order

Free Return: No return unless the item you bought is defective

Minimum Order Quantity: $500

Payment Options: International Bank Transfer, Western Union, KoronaPay, Moneygram, Ria Money Transfer

5. Modacan Toptan

wholesale women's clothing models from Modacan Toptan, a Turkish wholesale clothing website

Concluding our lineup is Modacan Toptan, the ultimate destination among Turkish wholesale clothing websites.

Standing out in the affordable segment when compared to its peers, Modacan Toptan becomes the go-to choice for businesses seeking a harmonious blend of cost-effectiveness and quality.

Exclusively dedicated to wholesale women's clothing, their extensive product catalog covers various categories, ensuring a plethora of styles to suit every boutique owner's discerning taste.

With a commitment to providing diverse options without compromising on savings, Modacan Toptan emerges as a strategic partner for boutique owners navigating the dynamic landscape of the European market.

Other Related Details:

Category Range: Wholesale women's clothing & Plus size

Shipping Process: Delivery time depends on the country and the buyer is able to choose their own cargo.

Free Return: Free return is possible but the shipping cost must be paid by the buyer.

Minimum Order Quantity: $500

Payment Options: Bank Transfer, Bank/Credit Card

Turkish Wholesale Clothing Websites

Buying clothes from Turkish wholesale clothing websites is an inexpensive deal to stock quality clothes for your business. Compare the prices and other offerings of these wholesale clothing stores to choose the right one to order wholesale dresses for your boutique.

As Lonca, we are constantly in contact with boutiques to better understand their wants and needs. Therefore, time to time we ask them questions about their shopping habits. What we have concluded is that if they are not directly buying from the vendor through their own channel, they prefer wholesale clothing websites to buy wholesale clothes.

We have prepared the list of Turkish wholesale clothing websites in this blog by the information we have gathered from them. So, feel free to check the wholesale clothing websites to shop.

Additionally, if you wonder which vendors you should shop on these marketplaces, check out our blog listing the top wholesale clothing vendors in Turkey.