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Wholesale Women’s Accessories

Shop thousands of unique jewelry, purses, hats, belts & more
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Cheap and wholesale accessories from Istanbul for worldwide fashion boutiques

Accessories have been an important part of fashion for decades. They have the ability to spice up any outfit and make the wearer feel much more stylish and confident. Istanbul-based fashion marketplace brings a massive collection of fashionable and compelling accessories like wholesale wallets, jewelry, belts, wholesale leather bags, watches, and more that fit every need and style of modern women across the globe. We have the biggest fashion shops in the USA, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa as our clients. Their customers of all ages love the Wholesale accessories that they purchased from us.

Our wholesale accessories category

Accessories not only add a new zest to your outfit but allow you to express your individuality and exclusive style to the world. We present you with the biggest and most exclusive series of various fashion wholesale accessories that are not only luxurious but affordable as well. They are popular among women of all ages and all over the world. Here is our women’s accessories category:

Wholesale Bags

Bags are the most essential accessory that women carry no matter where they go. No look is ever complete without a fashionable bag. We have a brilliant collection of women’s wholesale bags that they can use not only to carry essentials but use it as a fashion statement as well. Here are some of the best-selling categories in our women’s bag collection:
Wholesale Handbags
Handbags are the most-used bags by women across the world. Boutique owners and accessory sellers from all over the world can find the best quality and affordable wholesale handbags at our online stores. Our $10 handbags wholesale are the bestsellers among the wholesale handbags suppliers all around the year.
Wholesale Tote Bags
Tote bags are extremely popular among women as they not only give the opportunity to carry a lot of things but offer them an effortless look that is perfect for casual outings. Our wholesale tote bags can be used every day for college or work. They are extremely durable and made of the finest materials.
Wholesale Clutches
Clutches are women’s best friends to add a dynamic effect to their outfits. Our wholesale clutch bags can be used to carry lightweight and essential things such as mobile phones, make-up, car keys, and more. Worldwide clutches wholesale suppliers can find premium-quality clutches on our website.
Wholesale Wallets
Women love wallets because of their compactness. The buyers love our wholesale leather wallets that are made from quality materials. Accessory sellers can buy bulk leather wallets on our website. Our wholesale womens wallets are perfect for women who travel often and need to carry important things with them at all times.
Wholesale Purses
Purses can be accessorized with any piece of clothing. We collect the most fashionable and premium wholesale purses from the biggest wholesale purses vendors. You can buy different types of high-quality purses from the most famous purse vendor and a reputed jelly purse vendor.
Wholesale Coin Purses
Coin purses are one of the most essential items that women must own. Accessory shops can purchase bulk coin purses as per their preference on our website. Lonca is the best website to buy wholesale handbags and wallets in bulk and at affordable prices.

Wholesale Belts

Belts are used by women not just as instruments to keep their pants in place but as a fashion proclamation. Lonca is a marketplace for the best-quality wholesale belt for women. We also have a collection of premium wholesale leather belts that offer the wearer a luxurious look. Women love branded fashion items. Belt stores can find the popular nocona belts wholesale only on our website. Our wholesale western belts are also very popular among women.
Wholesale Belt Buckles
Belt buckles and belt buckle hardware wholesale are also available on our website. We collect the best-quality ones from top global belt buckle wholesale suppliers. We are the trusted marketplace for wholesale belt buckles from Istanbul, Meter, Laleli, and Gungoren. Find the most unique wholesale buckles on our online store.

Wholesale Cuffs

CCuffs are highly popular among the younger generations. If your store has a lot of young customers, you should keep our leather cuff blanks wholesale in your collection. Trust Lonca for small leather goods wholesale always. Women also love wearing our wholesale cuff bracelet which is very charming.

Wholesale Watches

Watches add a sophisticated detail to women’s styles. As a trusted marketplace for wholesale watches for women, we offer a brilliant collection of wrist watches wholesale and rings watches wholesale. Lonca is one of the biggest watches wholesale distributors in the world and it sells its watches in bulk. The buyers can find wholesale watches for sale. Now the shop owners can find the best wholesale women's watches at an affordable price without compromising on the quality.

Wholesale Jewelries

Jewelry is an integrated part of women’s fashion and style. Wearing a piece of jewelry not only makes women look more beautiful but gives them a sense of confidence. It gives them a complete look when accessorizing it with the right outfit. We have the biggest collection of Wholesale jewelry with various sub-categories. For jewelry supply wholesale, visit our online store right away. We gather our brilliant collection from the most popular wholesale jewelry vendors across the globe.
Wholesale Earrings
Our wholesale earrings will easily compel your customers. As one of the biggest wholesale jewelry supply distributors, Lonca offers you the opportunity to buy bulk earrings no matter where you are from. We are well-known for our cheap wholesale earrings. You can purchase wholesale earrings by the dozen. We have different types of earrings in our collection. You can also buy wholesale hoop earrings by the dozen.
Wholesale Pendants
Pendants are one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry that women can own. We bring the most trusted jewelry vendors for boutiques that supplies the most beautiful designer pendants at affordable prices. Fashion jewelry stores can find the latest earring pendants wholesale only on our online stores. They can be paired with every type of clothes like dresses, tops, winter wears, blouses, jeans, and more.
Wholesale Bracelets
Bracelets have been in fashion for decades. A bracelet can make a woman’s outfit look complete. They make a woman’s hand look slim and seductive.So, if you're looking for a popular leather goods wholesaler to give an absolute look to your outfit, Lonca is the best place to buy wholesale bracelets at affordable prices.You can buy bulk bracelets of your choice simply by visiting our online store. We also have the perfect solution if you think you are going through bad times. With our evil eye bracelet wholesale you will be able to ward away all the bad luck and at the same time look highly chic and sophisticated. These bracelets are loved by women everywhere. We have also launched a collection of wholesale leather bracelets that come from the top fashion vendors. The vendors use premium-quality materials and use exquisite craftsmanship to make the leather bracelets.
Wholesale Costume jewelry
A wonderful outfit paired with beautiful and sleek jewelry makes a woman look perfect. That is women's lobe costume jewelry that is available in various designs to match all your clothes. Costume jewelry is also very popular among women because they are a lot cheaper. All our costume jewelry comes from the biggest wholesale boutique jewelry vendors that are well-known for their quality products. Fashion shop owners can buy wholesale costume jewelry on our website.
Other Wholesale Jewelry
There are various other types of jewelry available on our website. You can find other cheap wholesale jewelry like rings, anklets, jewelry sets, brooches, and more by visiting our website.

Other Accessories

There is a wide range of wholesale accessories available on our website. Boutique owners can buy key rings, card holders, berets, glasses, and many more exciting accessories that can make your customers come back to you for more.

How to start a handmade jewelry business online?

Women love to wear jewelry. Many even have turned their love for jewelry into a full-fledged career path. Homemade jewelry businesses are booming and many women have made immense financial gains by turning their hobbies into a business. You can also start your very own jewelry business right from your home. Here we will be talking about how to start a handmade jewelry business online:

Make a proper business plan

If you are seriously considering forming a jewelry business, you must first establish a feasible business goal. You will need to weave your business plan according to the goal. A proper business plan will enable you to create a roadmap for your business and set steps that you will take to make your business grow in the future.

Build a separate workplace

If you are starting a business from your home you need to separate your personal life from your professional life. You must set up a workplace that is separated from your personal space. That way your personal life will not interfere with your work you will be able to accomplish your business goals without any obstacles.

Learn jewelry making

You may have a lot of ideas in your head about how to get into the jewelry business and its designs. But you must acquire professional knowledge on how to make jewelry. For that, you need to attend jewelry-making workshops where you can learn the right ways of making jewelry.

Get your supplies from a trusted distributor

Your reputation as a jewelry maker and seller depends on the quality of the products you are selling. In order to make the best-quality jewelry, you need to buy your supplies from a reputed marketplace. If you are making bracelets, you can buy the best bracelet blanks wholesale from Lonca. We have wholesale charms for bracelets in our collection as well. You will also be able to get your hands on bangle charms wholesale on our website.

Sell online

The last step of learning how to start a jewelry business online is to understand the online selling process. You can find marketplaces that are popular among boutique owners who want to buy wholesale jewelry. You can sell your custom and homemade jewelry through these wholesale marketplaces that cater to the needs and demands of fashion jewelry boutique owners across the globe.


Lonca is an Istanbul-based wholesale marketplace that has gained quite a popularity among worldwide boutique owners for its high-quality wholesale accessories. They collect their products from the biggest fashion vendors such as Allday, Big Merter, Ebijuteri, and more. Products from these vendors are always in demand at fashion stores in various countries in the world.


We do not believe in compromising the quality of our products just for mere profit. We believe in building a long-lasting and trusted relationship with our clients. That is why we always provide the best quality products to our buyers. All our accessories are made from premium-quality materials so your customers can enjoy luxury and comfort like never before.

Who can buy our accessories?

Lonca is a wholesale marketplace for fashion products from Istanbul. Fashion boutiques from all over the world can visit our website and buy our products. Most of our clients are from the USA, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. You will be able to find the trendiest and most fashionable accessories in our online store. We are the most reliable and popular wholesale marketplace for quality accessories for boutique owners from various parts of the world. All our accessories come from the biggest accessory vendors. You can also get a white labeling service at our online store. You will get your favorite types of accessories at the most competitive prices.

Shipping and return policy

Lonca has a reputation for offering the fastest and safest delivery no matter where you are from. You will get your bulk products in just 5 to 7 days. With our consolidated shipping, you won’t even have to pay shipping charges for purchasing accessories from different brands. We also offer a free return on your first return of the wholesale order.