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Top 10 Wholesale Clothing Marketplaces

Hey there! Are you someone who's interested in shopping or selling clothes in bulk? Well, you're in luck because we've got an article tailored just for you. We're diving deep into the world of wholesale clothing marketplaces, where you can find a wide range of options to meet your needs.

Whether you're a retailer looking to stock up your store or a supplier searching for new customers, wholesale clothing marketplaces can be a game-changer. These online platforms make it super convenient to buy wholesale clothes from multiple vendors, saving you time and effort.

And if you wonder how, in our experience and conversations with boutiques, even though there are few options available like buying directly from a vendor's website or from a physical store, we came to a conclusion where the online wholesale clothing marketplaces are the best option to buy wholesale clothes online since it helps people with consolidate shipping and allowing to buy from different suppliers with one order.

Did you know that the global wholesale clothing market is projected to reach a whopping $1.94 trillion by 2027? That's no joke! It shows just how significant this industry is and why it's crucial to find the right marketplace .

In this blog post, we've done our homework to bring you the best wholesale clothing marketplaces from the world's leading fashion exporter and importer countries. We'll also cover the marketplaces that we find important and successful. You can expect detailed information, along with the pros and cons of each platform, so you can make an informed decision.

Now, let's take a sneak peek at what's in store for you in this blog post:

  • Wholesale Clothing Marketplaces Around the World
  • Lonca
  • IstaBuy
  • Paris Fashion Shops
  • Ankor Store
  • Brands Gateway
  • Faire
  • FashionGo
  • Wholesale Fashion Square
  • FashionTIY
  • Alibaba
  • Unveiling the Top Wholesale Clothing Marketplaces

a wholesale clothing marketplace with different clothes displayed in hangers

Wholesale Clothing Marketplaces Around the World


1. Lonca

homepage of a wholesale clothing marketplace - Lonca

You know, Turkey is a goldmine when it comes to wholesale clothing marketplaces - and one shining destination amidst is the treasure-trove of "Lonca", that was established in 2021. Lonca offers a wide range of clothing products at competitive prices. They have various categories such as Tops, Bottoms, Outerwear, Dresses, Suits, Modest clothing, and Accessories, targeting women only. Whether you're looking for items for the Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer seasons, Lonca has you covered.

When it comes to payment methods, Lonca provides convenience by accepting multiple options. They offer secure checkout through methods like credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers, ensuring a smooth and reliable transaction process.

Lonca also offers international shipping, so you can enjoy their products no matter where you are in the world. They ship to various countries, which allows you to access their wholesale clothing directly from Turkey.

One of the great opportunities Lonca provides is the option for consolidated shipment. This means that if you order multiple items, they will collect them and ship them as one parcel. This can help you save on extra cargo costs and streamline the shipping process. Also, they offer %2 discount if you placed an order over $5000.

Additionaly, if you're from Europe, they have an amazing payment terms that you wouldn't want to miss! By a tool called Sprinque, you have the opportunity to buy your desired products now and enjoy the convenience of paying 60 days later. 

Another advantage is their free exchange policy. If you receive an item that you're not satisfied with, you have the option to exchange it within 7 days. This gives you peace of mind and ensures customer satisfaction.

As for the minimum cart amount, Lonca offers the benefit of "NO MINIMUM" purchase requirement. This means that there is no specific minimum order amount to fulfill. You can buy as much or as little as you need without any restrictions.

Since Lonca exclusively features vendors only from Turkey, each offering distinctive, good-quality apparel, you'll be able to purchase wholesale clothing from Turkey with affordable prices, it's like killing two birds with a stone.

Now, let's summarize the pros and cons of buying from Lonca:

pros and cons of wholesale clothing marketplaces - Lonca

Overall, with Lonca, you can buy wholesale clothes from online in a convenient and cost-effective way. With their diverse product range, flexible payment methods, international shipping, and additional benefits like consolidated shipment and free exchanges, Lonca can be a great choice for those looking for wholesale clothing opportunities. 

2. IstaBuy

homepage of a wholesale clothing marketplace - IstaBuy

IstaBuy is launched in 2019. At IstaBuy, you'll find a wide range of clothing options for women, men, and kids. They offer everything from stylish hijab clothes and jumpsuits to jackets, dresses, and even sportswear. Their collection includes various styles and designs, ensuring there's something for everyone.

When it comes to payment methods, IstaBuy provides convenience and flexibility. They accept multiple payment options, including credit cards and bank transfers, making it easy for buyers to complete their transactions hassle-free.

Now, let's talk about shipping. IstaBuy offers worldwide shipping, so no matter where you are, you can enjoy their fantastic selection of Turkish clothing. It's a great opportunity for international buyers to access high-quality garments from Turkey without any geographical limitations.

One of the notable advantages of shopping at IstaBuy is their focus on wholesale purchases. They cater to bulk buyers, which means you can take advantage of competitive prices and discounts when ordering in larger quantities. This makes it an excellent platform for retailers, boutique owners, and online sellers looking to stock up on clothes for women, men or kids. While their primary focus is on clothes, they have also products from other categories such as Beauty & Health, Home & Kitchen, etc.

However, it's important to consider a few factors before diving into your wholesale shopping spree at IstaBuy. Firstly, keep in mind that the minimum cart amount requirement for your orders are $500.00. Note that, it's your own responsibility to check the import tax requirements in your own country, because they are not going to do that for you. Also, once you've made your order on the app or website, you won't be paying right away. They first confirm product availability with suppliers. If a model is unavailable, they suggest similar options. This whole process usually takes about two business days.

Additionally, while IstaBuy offers a diverse range of clothing options, their collection might not be as extensive as some other marketplaces. If you're looking for a specific niche or a broader selection, it's worth exploring other wholesale platforms as well.

Let's see the pros and cons of buying from IstaBuy:

pros and cons of wholesale clothing marketplaces - IstaBuy

To sum it up, IstaBuy is one of the fantastic wholesale clothing marketplaces that specializes in Turkish fashion. With their wide range of products, flexible payment methods, and worldwide shipping, they provide great opportunities for bulk buyers.


3. Paris Fashion Shops

homepage of a wholesale clothing marketplace - Paris Fashion Shops

As we continue our journey through the world of wholesale clothing marketplaces, let's turn our attention to France and discover one of the leading players in this space –  Paris Fashion Shops. It is a comprehensive wholesale clothing marketplace, created in 2016, that caters to diverse fashion needs. They offer a wide range of products for women, men, and children, including dresses, sweaters, cardigans, jackets, coats, trousers, tops, skirts, blouses, shirts, and more. Additionally, they have a curated selection of accessories, shoes, lingerie, and bags to complete your fashion ensemble.

But, keep in mind that they only work with suppliers from Europe, therefore the product range may not be as wide as you expect.

When it comes to payment convenience, Paris Fashion Shops offers multiple options to suit your preferences. You can make payments through secure channels such as credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers. This flexibility ensures a seamless purchasing experience for buyers.

As for shipping, Paris Fashion Shops provides worldwide delivery. Wherever you're based in the world, you can enjoy their products at your doorstep. They diligently handle the shipping process, ensuring prompt and reliable delivery.

Paris Fashion Shops offers several opportunities and benefits for wholesale buyers. Firstly, they provide a 15% discount on delivery costs for your first order when you use the code WELCOME15. This allows you to save on shipping expenses and make your initial purchase more affordable.

Moreover, the marketplace regularly updates its collections, ensuring you have access to the latest fashion trends. Whether you're looking for premium designs or affordable options, Paris Fashion Shops caters to a wide range of budgets, making it suitable for both established businesses and startups.

However, it is important to note that, to make a purchase on Paris Fashion Shops, you'll need to meet the minimum purchase requirement set by each individual wholesaler. The specific details for each product can be found on its respective page and will also be reminded in your cart. Simply put, you must reach the minimum purchase amount set by the supplier to proceed with your order.

To help you make an informed decision, let's explore the pros and cons of purchasing from Paris Fashion Shops:

pros and cons of wholesale clothing marketplaces - Paris Fashion Shops

Paris Fashion Shops stands out as a reliable online wholesale market for clothes, offering an extensive range of products, flexible payment methods, and global shipping. With their focus on customer satisfaction and regular updates, they provide an enriching shopping experience for fashion retailers. 

4. AnkorStore

homepage of a wholesale clothing marketplace - Ankor Store

AnkorStore, established in 2019, is a comprehensive wholesale clothing marketplace that caters to various retail categories across Europe. They offer a diverse range of products encompassing home and kitchen essentials, food and drinks, beauty and wellness items, fashion and accessories, jewelry, baby and kids' products, stationery and hobbies, and even high-tech gadgets. With over 30,000 curated brands from 33 European countries, you'll find a treasure trove of unique and high-quality merchandise.

AnkorStore provides convenient payment options to streamline your purchasing experience. You can make payments using various methods, including credit cards and bank transfers. This flexibility ensures that you can choose the payment method that suits your preferences and business needs.

When it comes to shipping, AnkorStore offers worldwide delivery. Whether you're based in France or any other part of the world, you can easily access their products. Additionally, they provide free shipping on multi-brand baskets over £300, making it even more enticing to stock up on your favorite brands. Beware that the minimum cart amount requirement for your orders is £100.

AnkorStore presents several opportunities and benefits for wholesale buyers. Firstly, they offer a vast selection of over 2 million one-of-a-kind products. This allows you to curate a unique inventory that stands out among your competitors. Furthermore, their ecosystem supports independent brands and retailers, fostering a thriving community of creativity and entrepreneurship. However, they only work with European brands, meaning the range of products available might be narrower than you think.

One notable advantage of AnkorStore is their 60-day payment terms. This feature allows you to maximize your cash flow by buying now and paying up to 60 days later. This flexibility can be a game-changer for retailers managing their finances.

To help you make an informed decision, let's consider the pros and cons of buying from Ankorstore:

pros and cons of wholesale clothing marketplaces - AnkorStore

AnkorStore emerges as a prominent fashion wholesale marketplace in France, offering a vast range of products, flexible payment options, worldwide shipping, and exciting opportunities for retailers.


5. Brands Gateway

homepage of a wholesale clothing marketplace - Brands Gateway

Brands Gateway is established in 2017 with a purpose. Brands Gateway is a little bit different than the other wholesale clothing marketplaces in our list because in this fashion wholesale marketplace, you'll find high-end clothing and accessories from luxury brands that you probably already know. These brands include Gucci, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and so much other global fashion brands. So if you're looking to sell luxury brands in your boutique, Brands Gateway is the only way!

When it comes to payment methods, Brands Gateway offers a convenient and secure experience. You can choose from various payment options to suit your preferences and needs. As for shipping, they cater to customers worldwide, so you can access their fashion treasures no matter where you're located.  For wholesale orders, the shipping fees kick off at €15 for economy shipping and €25 for express shipping. 

One of the great opportunities that Brands Gateway provides is the ease of dropshipping. By partnering with them, you can leave inventory management, packaging, and delivery in their capable hands. This means you can focus on building your business and reaching customers without the hassle of handling logistics. We can tell you that there is not much business out there that provides you this service.

However, it's important to note that Brands Gateway primarily caters to wholesale buyers, so if you're looking for individual pieces or smaller quantities, it might not be the ideal fit. Also, keep in mind that the minimum cart amount requirement for wholesale orders is 1000.

Here are the pros and cons of shopping at Brands Gateway:

pros and cons of wholesale clothing marketplaces - Brands Gateway

In conclusion, Brands Gateway offers a gateway to the world of wholesale high-end fashion. With their extensive range of products, secure payment methods, worldwide shipping, and dropshipping opportunities, they provide a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs and established retailers alike. 

United States of America

6. Faire

homepage of a wholesale clothing marketplace - Faire

In our quest to uncover the best wholesale clothing marketplaces, let's explore one of the leading contenders in the USA: Faire, that was found in 2017. 

Faire is a comprehensive fashion wholesale marketplace that offers a diverse range of products beyond just clothing. While they do feature wholesale clothing options, they also provide a wide array of other items, including accessories, beauty products, home goods, and more. So, whether you're looking to stock up on trendy apparel or expand your product offerings with complementary items, Faire has got you covered.

But here's the catch: Faire exclusively collaborates with brands from Europe and USA, which implies that the range of available products might be more limited than you anticipate.

When it comes to payment methods, Faire offers a seamless and secure experience. The minimum cart amount requirements is specified by the brands themselves, not Faire. So, it's important to check the brand before shopping from them.

Faire ships to various locations within the United States and unfortunately, only few countries other than USA. They have an extensive network of suppliers and manufacturers, ensuring efficient and reliable delivery of your orders.

One of the remarkable opportunities that Faire offers is their Net 60 payment terms. This means that qualified buyers have the flexibility to pay for their orders within 60 days, providing some breathing room for managing cash flow.

Additionally, Faire provides a range of support services, such as marketing tools, data insights, and customer support, to assist retailers in growing their businesses. But, there are some criticism on the slow responses from the Faire team.

Now, let's see the pros and cons of buying from Faire:

pros and cons of wholesale clothing marketplaces - Faire

In conclusion, Faire presents a compelling wholesale marketplace for retailers in the USA. Just be mindful of the wholesale focus and any minimum cart amount requirements when considering Faire as your go-to online wholesale market for clothes.

7. Fashion Go

homepage of a wholesale clothing marketplace - Fashion Go

FashionGo, established in 2002, boasts an extensive range of clothing products from a myriad of vendors. Whether you're hunting for women's clothing, men's clothing, children’s clothing, or even accessories, this popular platform has it all. It's a veritable treasure trove for both retailers and customers looking to spice up their wardrobe with stylish trends.

FashionGo offers multiple convenient and secure payment options. Also, at FashionGo, you can start your shopping journey without any minimum shopping cart requirements. Yes, you read that right. There are no minimum cart restrictions here!

What makes FashionGo stand out is its shipping policy. They offer shipping to all 50 US states, US territories, and even overseas. This inclusive approach makes FashionGo an attractive marketplace for a wide demographic of consumers and retailers alike.

One of the opportunities that fashion-forward people and retail businesses could leverage from FashionGo is their diverse portfolio of clothing and accessory brands from all around the globe. Not only does this platform play host to top-notch American brands, but it also offers an intriguing collection from European, Asian, and Australasian labels.

FashionGo offers dropshipping services, giving you as a store owner a great opportunity to capitalize on clothing trends while keeping overhead costs low. You don't have to worry about stock management, as your products would be shipped directly from the vendor to the customer. This saves you from needing to maintain inventory and lends more flexibility to experiment with a wider variety of products in your online store.

On the flip side, FashionGo has its own set of challenges, for instance, the platform does have a considerable number of vendors, making it slightly overwhelming to choose the ideal one.

Now, let's delve into the pros and cons to help you make a more informed decision about opting for FashionGo:

pros and cons of wholesale clothing marketplaces - FashionGo

In conclusion, FashionGo is a top-notch wholesale clothing marketplace that offers a plethora of fashionable clothing options for retailers. With a user-friendly interface, competitive pricing, and a vast product selection, it's definitely a platform worth exploring.

8. Wholesale Fashion Square

homepage of a wholesale clothing marketplace - Wholesale Fashion Square

When it comes to trendy and affordable wholesale clothing and jewelry, Wholesale Fashion Square, found in 2006, shines brightly. With their extensive range of products, this marketplace caters to retailers looking to stock up on the latest fashion trends. From clothing and accessories to jewelry and beauty products, Wholesale Fashion Square has it all.

Wholesale Fashion Square offers convenient payment methods to ensure a seamless shopping experience. At Wholesale Fashion Square, they don't impose a minimum cart amount on your stock orders. Instead, they ask that the buyers meet the minimum quantity per item when making a purchase. So, make sure to check the minimum quantity of item you're considering to buy.

As for shipping, Wholesale Fashion Square ships its products from the USA. This is great news for retailers within the country, as it ensures faster delivery times and lower shipping costs. However, there are only limited number of countries outside the United States that they're shipping to.

Keep in mind that all shipments from Wholesale Fashion Square have a cut-off time: Monday to Tuesday at 10 am or Wednesday to Friday at 12:00 noon PST.

One of the standout features of Wholesale Fashion Square is their commitment to providing opportunities for retailers to maximize their profits. They offer a 10% discount on the entire website when you use the code WFS10. This discount can make a significant difference, especially when you're stocking up on wholesale items.

Here are the pros and cons of Wholesale Fashion Square:

pros and cons of wholesale clothing marketplaces - Wholesale Fashion Square

Wholesale Fashion Square is one of the reliable and convenient wholesale clothing marketplaces that offers a wide range of trendy products. With their commitment to customer satisfaction, easy payment methods, and opportunities for discounts, Wholesale Fashion Square is a top choice for retailers looking to expand their inventory.

9. FashionTIY

homepage of a wholesale clothing marketplace - FashionTIY

FashionTIY presents an impressively broad category of products. From women's fashion to men's wear, children's clothing to beauty and health products, and even home and garden items - you name it, this platform offers it. Plus, the accessories section is something to behold as well. In essence, it is not merely a wholesale clothing marketplace, but an all-encompassing platform where form meets function.

However, although FashionTIY is established in USA, its warehouses are located in China and they are working with suppliers from China and India.

When it comes to payments, FashionTIY has got your back. It supports highly encrypted and secure payment methods such as PayPal, Credit card, T/T, or Western Union. Instead of a minimum cart amount, FashionTIY has what they call a "minimum order quantity" (MOQ) per item. Basically, they want you to purchase a certain minimum quantity of each item. But here's the exciting part: the more you buy, the cheaper the price!

As for shipping destination? This is where it gets exciting. FashionTIY provides worldwide shipping, covering over 200 countries and regions. Whether you’re nestled in the heart of the USA or residing halfway across the globe, shopping and shipping with FashionTIY are at your fingertips.

Opportunities are abundant as well. FashionTIY takes pride in offering competitive factory prices directly, thus significantly reducing the middleman cost. This price advantage, coupled with extensive product range, might be just the boost retail businesses and individual shoppers need.

FashionTIY offers numerous opportunities and benefits to retailers looking to stock up on wholesale clothing. With their "Wholesale Price from $0.03" feature, you can find incredible deals and maximize your profit margins. They also provide weekly hot-selling items, helping you stay updated with the latest trends and popular products.

Also, FashionTIY offers dropshipping opportunities! With that, you can say goodbye to the headaches of stock management. Now, this is a game-changer for you because it gives you a fantastic opportunity to ride the wave of clothing trends while keeping your overhead costs low.

Let's turn to the pros and cons of FashionTIY:

pros and cons of wholesale clothing marketplaces - FashionTIY

In general, FashionTIY, with its vast selection of products, global shipping advantages, and affordable pricing, places itself as a promising platform in the wholesale clothing marketplace. Although it has minor downsides, these are typical of most online wholesale market for clothes.


10. Alibaba

homepage of a wholesale clothing marketplace - Alibaba

When it comes to wholesale trade,, launched in 1999, stands tall as the world's largest online B2B marketplace. They offer a vast array of products, including clothing, from manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, and importers worldwide. With, you can explore a diverse range of fashion items to meet your business needs. provides various payment methods to ensure a secure and convenient transaction process. Many suppliers on AliBaba have minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirements. This can pose a challenge for dropshippers who typically deal with lower quantities per order. It's important to find suppliers or agents willing to accommodate smaller orders.

In terms of shipping, offers global shipping services, making it possible for buyers to receive their orders regardless of their location. They work with trusted logistics partners to ensure reliable and timely delivery of the products you purchase. Additionally, shipping costs can vary depending on the destination and the supplier's shipping methods. presents numerous opportunities and benefits for buyers looking to source wholesale clothing. The platform offers Trade Assurance, a program that provides protection to buyers by safeguarding their payments and ensuring product quality. This feature enhances trust and confidence in your transactions.

Additionally, offers a personalized trading experience tailored to your business growth stage. You can enjoy benefits such as discounted samples, dedicated support, and access to a vast network of suppliers and manufacturers. This personalized approach aids in streamlining your sourcing process and maximizing your business potential.

While most suppliers on AliBaba focus on wholesale orders, you can still reach out to them directly to inquire about dropshipping possibilities. Some suppliers may be open to dropshipping arrangements, particularly if they offer private label or custom manufacturing services. Keep in mind that not all suppliers may be willing to engage in dropshipping, so it's essential to communicate your requirements clearly and negotiate terms accordingly.

Let's look at the pros and cons of AliBaba:

pros and cons of wholesale clothing marketplaces - Alibaba

As one of the largest B2B marketplaces, offers a wealth of opportunities for buyers looking to source wholesale clothing. With their extensive product range, secure payment methods, global shipping services, and the added protection of Trade Assurance, provides a platform that fosters trust and facilitates smooth transactions.

Unveiling the Top Wholesale Clothing Marketplaces

And there you have it, fashion aficionados and business owners—our roundup of the top 10 best wholesale clothing marketplaces! We've explored an array of platforms that offer a wealth of opportunities for sourcing trendy and high-quality apparel to fuel your fashion business.

Each platform brings its own unique advantages and caters to different niches within the fashion industry. Whether you're seeking high-end luxury brands, trendy streetwear, or custom manufacturing options, these marketplaces offer a plethora of choices to suit your business needs.

Remember, before diving into any platform, it's crucial to thoroughly explore their features, payment methods, shipping options, and any additional benefits they offer. Consider factors such as minimum order quantities, shipping costs, and the level of customer support provided.

Ultimately, finding the right wholesale clothing marketplace depends on your specific requirements, target audience, and business goals. Take the time to research, compare, and analyze each platform to make an informed decision that aligns with your brand vision.

So, fashionpreneurs, go forth and seize the opportunities presented by these top wholesale clothing marketplaces! Embrace the world of fashion, build strong connections with suppliers, and curate a stunning collection that will make your customers swoon. Happy sourcing and may your fashion business flourish!