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Wholesale Women's Clothing

Shop thousands of unique wholesale women’s clothing & accessories
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Wide variety of wholesale women’s clothing at affordable prices

Lonca offers you a massive collection of wholesale women’s clothing directly from Turkey at your doorstep at the most affordable prices. We bring you top-quality products from exclusive international suppliers, who only sell in Lonca. Boutique owners and clothing shops from all over the world can acquire the trendiest and most fashionable clothing to satisfy the demand of their customers with our incredible collection. There is no minimum ordering limit across all brands on our website, which helps boutiques from the USA, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa get their hands on the most stylish clothing without any setback. You can order your favorite product in bulk and get them delivered to your doorstep within just a few days.

Our wholesale clothing category

Women’s clothing has gone through massive evolution over the centuries and has slowly become a way to express themselves apart from keeping them safe from the outside environment. Lonca is one of the best wholesale clothing websites that are trusted by shop owners all over the world. It has the best collection of wholesale women’s clothing for boutiques and clothing shops that cater to the needs and requirements of today’s women. Here is our women’s clothing category:

Wholesale Women's Tops

Tops are one of the most worn clothing items among women today. Tops come in different styles and designs. There are various types of trendy and stylish wholesale tops available at Lonca for the boutiques to choose from.

Wholesale Shirts

Shirts available on our website can be worn for both formal and casual occasions. We bring the best quality and fashionable women’s shirts from the biggest international wholesale t shirt vendors to your fingertips.

Wholesale T-shirts

T-shirts are loved by women across the world. Boutique owners looking for a reputed graphic tee wholesale vendor can come to our online marketplace and find premium quality wholesale women’s shirts at affordable prices.

Wholesale Blouses

We have one of the biggest collections of wholesale blouses for women at Lonca. You can find blouses from major vendors such as Big Merter, Dilvin, Setre, Evamore, Adrom, and more.

Wholesale Crop tops

Crop tops are one of our best-selling tops among boutiques. Young women across the world adore our trendy wholesale crop tops that come in different shapes and designs.

Wholesale Tank tops

Tank tops are always high in demand among women of all ages. You can find basic to designer wholesale tank tops in different colors and textures at our online store.

Wholesale Tunics

PTunics are extremely comfortable to wear. Your customers will be able to stay comfortable all day and look stylish at the same time with our high-quality wholesale tunics available in various designs.

Wholesale Bodysuits

Women love bodysuits as they accentuate their natural beauty and curves. Lonca is the best place to find wholesale bodysuits that fits every body size and offers great comfort to the wearers.

Wholesale Hoodies

Hoodies are the go-to attire for women everywhere. We ensure your customers get hoodies from the best wholesale hoodie vendors from Istanbul, Meter, Laleli, and Gungoren.

Wholesale Sweaters

Winter is coming and you need to equip your store with quality winter wear that will not only keep your customers warm in the cold but allow them to express their fashion statement. We have stylish wholesale womens sweaters that are made from premium-quality material.

Wholesale Women's Bottoms

Bottoms are the most crucial part of a woman’s attire. Bottoms can be paired with different types of clothes. They give women the freedom to move in any way they want. We bring you the biggest collection of different types of stylish and fashionable women’s bottoms, which will make your customers crave more.

Wholesale Jeans

Every woman in the world owns at least one pair of jeans. Jeans are timeless and can be worn every season and on any occasion. We have the trendiest wholesale womens jeans in our collection. Our wholesale bell bottom jeans are best-seller on our website right now. Your customers will be able to flaunt their natural curves while maintaining comfort and style with our boyfriend jeans wholesale. You will become extremely popular among your customers with our beautiful mom jeans wholesale.

Wholesale Leggings

Leggings are one of the most preferred bottom wear for women of all ages across the world. Lonca is well-known in the market for its quality wholesale leggings. You can find highly stylish and designer wholesale high waisted leggings from renowned international vendors like Dilvin, Tommy Life, Big Merter, Fame, Robin, and more for your boutique. We are the best choice for boutique owners looking for wholesale seamless leggings at affordable prices.

Wholesale Pants

We have a wide range of wholesale women’s pants for worldwide boutique owners that specialize in selling women’s pants. You can buy high-quality and chic wholesale palazzo pants in bulk and at unbelievable prices. Your customers will fall in love with our wholesale women’s joggers that come in different colors and designs.

Wholesale Shorts

Our wholesale women’s shorts will make the wearers look incredibly sexy and smart and at the same time give them ultimate comfort. Buy our body-hugging biker shorts wholesale in bulk.

Wholesale Skirts

Lonca is your one-stop destination for different types of wholesale skirts that women all over the world love and adore. We sell skirts of different designs and looks. Our wholesale maxi skirts are extremely popular among women in the USA, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Wholesale Women's Outerwear

Jackets and coats that women wear over their clothes are called outerwear. Lonca is one of the most trusted wholesale marketplaces in Istanbul for wholesale women’s outerwear. Our outerwear collection is for women of all sizes. We aim to make women look beautiful and confident in their own skin with our fashionable outerwear range.

Wholesale Coats

We have a wide variety of women’s coats for different occasions. You can find formal coats, overcoats, topcoats, trenchcoats, and more in our wholesale womens coats collection. They come in different styles, shapes, and colors. We have coats for all seasons and occasions.

Wholesale Jackets

Jackets have been in fashion for decades and they continue to compliment women’s fashion today. Women wear jackets all around the year pairing them with different types of clothes such as dresses, tops, blouses, all types of bottom wear, and more. Sellers can acquire all sorts of wholesale womens jackets, including denim jackets on our website.

Wholesale Raincoats

Raincoats are your best friend in the rainy season. We have a variety of raincoats in our collection at Lonca. We guarantee that your customers will definitely love our raincoats that are not only sturdy but very stylish.

Wholesale Dresses

Women look the most beautiful in dresses. We understand the charm and attraction of beautiful dresses at Lonca and bring the most exquisite collection of wholesale dresses for boutiques and stores across the globe.

Wholesale Maxi Dresses

Women love maxi dresses for their elegant look and ultimate comfort. Lonca offers boutiques from all over the world the best-quality wholesale maxi dresses that come in different colors, sizes, and designs. Our wholesale white dresses in the maxi dresses section are popular among women across the globe.

Wholesale Bodycon Dresses

PBodycon dresses are the synonym for glamour and sexiness. We sell wholesale bodycon dresses to clothing shop owners at affordable prices. These wholesale sexy dresses can make a woman look extremely attractive and desirable. These body-hugging dresses will not only help your customers flaunt their curves but enhance their natural beauty as well.

Wholesale Casual Dresses

If your customers are looking for something that they can wear regularly and experience utmost comfort, you should check out our wholesale casual dresses collection. These casual dresses can be worn at the office and on any occasion like a get-together with family, an outing with friends, or a romantic date. Women who love hoddies will absolutely adorable hoodie dress wholesale available on our site.

Wholesale Summer Dresses

Summertime is the best season to wear dresses. Most women prefer to wear cute and comfortable dresses to wear in the summer. We bring a collection of beautiful and breezy wholesale summer dresses that compliment your figure. We have wholesale cotton dresses that are perfect to wear in hot and humid weather.

Wholesale Club Dresses

We have an amazing collection of sexy and sensual dresses that are perfect for going to the clubs and having some fun. Boutiques must get their hand on our best-selling wholesale club dresses that are quite popular among women.

Wholesale Mini Dresses

Our wholesale midi dresses are perfect for a night out with friends. If you have quite a number of young customers, you should buy our wholesale mini dresses that are the epitome of contemporary fashion.

Wholesale Women’s Suits

Suits are one of the most essential clothing items that every woman must own. We have different types of women’s suits in our massive wholesale women’s clothing collection. Your customers can wear them to both office and casual outings with ease.

Wholesale Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are popular for their stylish look and comfort. Every woman must own at least one jumpsuit in their collection. They are always in demand among women across the globe. If are trying to run a successful clothing business, you must add our wholesale women’s jumpsuits to your wholesale women’s clothing collection. Buy wholesale women’s jumpsuits from our website in bulk with just one click and get them delivered to your home.

Wholesale Suits

Suits are the perfect attire for the office or any formal occasion. Lonca specializes in providing premium wholesale women’s suits to boutique owners and clothing shops in various parts of the world. They are made from the best quality materials and give the wearers the ultimate comfort and stylish look.

Wholesale Tracksuits

Our wholesale tracksuits are highly popular among women who like to exercise and stay fit. We follow the international sizes for our tracksuits. The buyers can find all the necessary information on the quality and measurement of the tracksuits on our website. We acquire our products from top wholesale sweatsuit vendors such as Adrom, Tommy Life, Allday, and more.

Wholesale Women’s Modest clothing

Women from various religions prefer to wear modest clothing. Keeping the needs of these women in mind, we have established a separate section dedicated to just wholesale modest clothing for the shop owners. Boutique owners can find top-quality modest dresses wholesale that are the perfect fusion of modesty, comfort, and fashion.

Wholesale Hijabs

Hijabs are worn by Muslim women to maintain modesty and privacy. They don’t have to be boring anymore. Most women wear hijabs as a fashion statement as well these days. We have different types of fashionable wholesale hijabs for your customers. We also have hijab jackets that make the wearers extremely elegant.

Wholesale Modest Skirts

Skirts are not only beautiful but extremely modest in nature. Women looking for modest skirts can avail them through their nearest boutique owners who shop from us. Our modest denim skirts wholesale are selling like fire and they are on top of demand throughout the whole year. Your store will be the center of attraction with our beautiful designer skirts that offer full modesty.

Wholesale Modest Tops

There are various options in our tops section for buyers who are looking for modest tops. You can find fully covered and well-fitting tops that are always in demand among customers who prefer to look modest. Get your hands on our modest tops available on our website.

Wholesale Modest Dresses

Dresses are quite popular among women all over the world. We have dedicated a collection of modest dresses that can be worn by women looking for modest clothing. You can find long-sleeved and maxi dresses that keep the wearers covered in our wholesale women’s clothing collection. Your customers can wear them at their workplaces as well as at any event.

Wholesale Clothing Vendors for Boutiques

Lonca is a wholesale marketplace for clothing from Istanbul, Laleli, Meter, and Güngören. We have curated a brilliant collection of wholesale women’s clothing that is gathered from top-level clothing vendors for boutiques across the world. We provide you with the trendiest and most fashionable wholesale women’s clothes from popular womens wholesale clothing vendors like Setre, Divlin, Robin, Allday, EVAMORE, Big Merter, Mizalle, Tommy Life, Adrom, and many more. There is no other wholesale marketplace in Istanbul that can offer so much variety in terms of clothing categories and vendors. Our products are not only superior in quality but offer the most profitable deals to the buyers.


As the biggest Istanbul-based online wholesale marketplace, Lonca refuses to compromise on the quality of the products it sells. Our wholesale women’s clothing is made from the best-quality material and incredible craftsmanship. We guarantee the quality of our clothes that will definitely satisfy every demand of your customers. Our dresses, tops, bottomwears, outerwears, modest clothing, and more are made of top-quality cotton, polyester, spandex, and other lightweight fabrics that keep the wearers fashionable and comfortable. No other wholesale marketplace can compete with the quality of products we offer at such reasonable prices.

White labeling

PWe offer excellent white labeling services to boutique owners and shop owners who can rebrand the wholesale women’s clothing purchased from our website. If you want to manufacture custom hang tags and collar labels, you can acquire them at the most affordable prices.

We also offer to attach your labels on the clothes you purchase from us. We only charge $1 per product if you want your exclusive labels to be sewn to the products. You can also get your custom woven labels for the clothes you buy from our online store.

Who can buy our wholesale women’s clothing?

Clothing retailers and boutique owners from all over the world can purchase dresses, tops, bottoms, outerwears, winterwears, and more from the major fashion brands on our website. You can create a separate identity for your store and stay ahead of your competition with the products available on Lonca.

Why choose us as a wholesale women’s clothing marketplace for your boutique?

We are one of the biggest wholesale marketplaces for wholesale women’s clothing from Istanbul.

You can buy products in bulk without a hassle from our website.

We offer the best price for the products your buy.

We bring your clothes from top brands.

We have excellent customer care service for all our clients.

Shipping and return policy

Lonca delivers products all over the world, especially in the US, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Australia, and Africa. With our consolidated shipping, you won’t have to pay separate shipping charges when you order from different brands. We deliver products in 5 to 7 days. We offer a hassle-free return policy for defective products, and you can also request samples to assess the quality of our products. You will be able to have a successful clothing business with the products purchased from us.