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Wholesale Women’s Bottoms

Shop thousands of unique wholesale leggings, jeans & more
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Wholesale Bottom Wears for International Boutiques

Lonca is the one-stop destination for all types of women’s wholesale bottoms wear for boutiques across the world. Bottom wears like pants, skirts, shorts, and more are the most common and necessary pieces of clothing for modern women. For boutique owners from the USA, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa looking for the trendiest wholesale women's bottoms, the Istanbul-based wholesale marketplace is the first choice. We offer different types of fashionable women’s bottom wear in the best quality available to clothing stores all over the globe.

Our Wholesale Bottom Wear Category

Women’s Bottom Wear has gone through many changes over the decades. We are proud to present the widest selection of the most fashionable and comfortable collections of bottoms ware that are adored by modern women everywhere. Boutiques will be able to find all sorts of women’s bottom wear at a reasonable price range at our online store. Here is our women’s bottom wear category:

Wholesale Pants

Pants are one of the most comfortable and logical pieces of clothing that a woman can own. These types of bottoms wear played a significant role in the empowerment of women as well. They have been one of the most popular choices in the women’s clothing industry for years. We have a wide variety of wholesale women’s pants in our collection for boutique owners to choose from. Based in Istanbul, Meter, Laleli, and Gungoren, we provide the most fashionable and latest designed women’s pants to our international bottoms wear buyers. Your customers will fall in love with the quality and comfort of our ladies' cotton pants wholesale that can be worn every day to work or on any occasion.

Wholesale Jeans

Jeans were worn in the beginning for their durable fabric. But now jeans are worn by women as a fashion statement. The trend of wearing jeans has never been, and never will be, out of style. We have the trendiest wholesale women's jeans from trusted brands and vendors at Lonca. The flared-at-the-bottom wholesale bell bottom jeans once again have regained their popularity and are one of the best-sellers at our store. Both mom jeans wholesale and boyfriend jeans wholesale are fashion statements for modern women. Our high waisted jeans wholesale offers the most flattering look to the wearers shaping their curves the best way. All the jeans in our bottoms wear collection are highly popular among women of all ages. Boutique owners all over the world will be able to satisfy the demands of their customers with our chic jeans collection.

Wholesale Leggings

Leggings are one of the most popular bottom-wear among women in the US, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East, among other countries. This type of bottom wear can be worn all throughout the year. We have a collection of high-quality and comfy wholesale leggings suited for every occasion. Our women's high-waisted leggings help the women look taller, elongating their legs. They are also in style all over the world right now. The best thing about our leggings is that they come with pockets as well. Our wholesale leggings with pockets, help the wearer keep their phone, money, and essentials with them all the time. We have the perfect solution for women’s workout days with our wholesale yoga leggings that are perfect for stretching. Our wholesale spandex leggings are the perfect match for women’s heavy exercise sessions with their exemplary stretch and maximum comfort. The printed leggings wholesale at our store are extremely stylish and go with every solid-colored top and dress. Most women look for a flawless look when they dress up. The customers of boutiques worldwide will love our wholesale seamless leggings that come in different colors and sizes.

Wholesale Palazzos

The palazzos in our bottoms wear collection at Lonca are the ideal choice for women who do not want to compromise fashion for comfort. Our beautiful palazzos not only offer a unique look to the wearers but also the utmost comfort. Our wholesale palazzo pants are made from premium-quality material and are extremely breathable. We have palazzo pants for both formal and casual occasions. You can wear these bottom wears to your office or an official event and look sharp and comfortable at the same time. They come in all the international sizes, so the boutique owners would not have to worry about the fit for their clients. There are various options available when it comes to palazzo pants on our website.

Wholesale Shorts

Shorts are the popular choice among women all year round, especially in the summer. Shorts not only make women look appealing but also offer maximum comfort in the scorching heat of the sun. We have all types of wholesale women’s shorts that are on-trend right now. They are most popular among young women. So, if your boutique caters to the younger crowd, you must check out our women’s shorts from the bottoms wear collection on our website. If you are looking for breathable women’s shorts, go for our women's cotton shorts wholesale. High waisted pants are back in fashion currently. That is why we have come up with a collection of high-waisted shorts wholesale to satisfy the demand of retailers worldwide. Our biker shorts wholesale are in style once again and have no intention of fading away soon. If your customers are looking for the attractive fit of biker shorts with added comfort, you can satisfy them with our wholesale cotton biker shorts that are available at affordable prices. Our wholesale spandex biker shorts are popular among women who actively exercise or work out. Offer your customers our plain biker shorts wholesale when they are looking for a laid-back yet sexy look. Complete your collection with our wholesale high-waist biker shorts and become popular among your customers.

Wholesale Skirts

Skirts are a timeless piece of clothing for women everywhere. These bottoms wear not only enhance the feminine beauty in women but offer great comfort to the wearers as well. There are different types of skirts we have in our collection at our online store. Boutique owners from all around the world can purchase our wholesale skirts at the best prices. The flowy wholesale maxi skirts at Lonca offer women exceptional comfort and a luxurious look. Our wholesale midi skirts make the wearers look sophisticated and alluring at the same time. Our skirts come in cotton as well. The cotton skirts wholesale on our website are perfect for the summertime and popular among women all over the world. As a boutique of Women's clothes, you must have a quality collection of different types of skirts to please your customers. Find what your customers are looking for only at our store.

Wholesale Sweatpants and Joggers

Sweatpants were most popular among college students, who want comfort above all. But sweatpants are now a statement bottom wear for women who want to look carelessly stylish and carefree. We have different types of sweatpants made with premium quality materials. We also have women's sweat shorts wholesale that are one of the trendiest bottoms-wears this season. They are also very useful when women are working out. If you have customers who like to stay comfortable while they run or work out, show them our wholesale women’s joggers collection. They are extremely stylish and offer a flattering look with the added comfort of the breathable fabric.

Wholesale Clothing Vendors for Boutiques

Lonca is one of the biggest Istanbul-based wholesale bottoms wear marketplaces, catering to retailers all over the world. We bring the best-quality pants from the top fashion vendors like Setre, Divlin, FK.Pynappel, Robin, Allday, EVAMORE, Big Merter, Mizalle, Tommy Life, and Adrom, among many others, to the boutique owners in the United States, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and other countries.


At Lonca we prioritize the quality of our bottom wear over everything else. We make sure to choose only those vendors who are well-known for providing high-quality, durable, and luxurious bottom wear. We offer full transparency to our customers by providing them with details on the material, quality, color option, and size of the pants and skirts they purchase.

Who can buy our bottoms?

Lonca is a wholesale marketplace. So, all our customers are boutique owners who sell women’s bottom wear to consumers. Boutiques from all over the world come to our website to find the trendiest and top-quality garments that are popular among their customers. We are the most popular wholesale marketplace for international boutiques looking for premium-quality pants and skirts. All our products are from top clothing vendors. You will be able to get a white-labeling service at our store. We offer the most reasonable price in the market for our quality bottom wear.
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