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Wholesale Women’s Dresses

Shop thousands of unique wholesale maxi dresses, midi dresses, summer dresses & more
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One-Stop Shop for Wholesale Dresses

Lonca is one of the biggest and most popular wholesale dress marketplaces. Dresses are the most sensual pieces of clothing that women from all over the world crave to wear. We have a huge collection of different types of Turkey dresses wholesale for various occasions and events. Fashion clothing retailers from all over the world can buy all types of high-quality, comfortable, and fashionable clothing wholesale from our online store.

Different Styles in Our Wholesale Dress Category

At Lonca we strive to present different styles of ladies' dresses that are not only complementing but comfortable as well. You can find Turkey dresses wholesale in any size and material at our store. Some of our best-selling dress categories include:

Wholesale Event Dress

Maxi Dresses are one of the most stylish choices for various events like weddings, parties, formal events, and more. Our wholesale maxi dresses fit the dress code of any event and can be styled in any way you want. You can make it look super laid back, relaxed, formal, and even sexy with the right accessories. Check out our exclusive accessories collection to create your own look. Our wholesale long sleeve maxi dresses are the perfect option for parties held in winter. They are designed in a way that makes you look flattering from every angle.

Wholesale Solid Color Maxi Dress

Our wholesale solid color maxi dresses come in different trendy colors. These maxi dresses are always in demand among the ladies as they make them look slimmer and taller. A solid-colored dress draws the eye up and down and not to the sides, making the wearer look more flattering. The wholesale white cotton maxi dress is one of our best sellers as the color is always in style. Visit our website to know maxi wholesale price.

Wholesale Summer Dress

In the summertime, women want to be comfortable besides looking appealing. We have the perfect solution with our beautiful and comfortable wholesale summer dresses. In this season women look for breezy and flowy dresses to stay relaxed all day long. Our cotton maxi dresses are in high demand among women in the summertime as they are made from organic natural textile fiber and offer the utmost comfort to the wearer. The wholesale rayon maxi dresses are also a great choice as the material is one of the most breathable fabrics in the world. Boutique owners can find what they are looking for from any international summer dress supplier at our store.

Wholesale Mini Dress

A mini dress can instantly make women look hotter and more appealing. Our wholesale mini dresses can bring them to the spotlight and make them the center of attraction at any party, even, or occasion. These wholesale sexy dresses are appropriate for clubs, parties, or a simple outing with friends. Mini dress retailers around the world can find high-quality and fashionable dresses at our online store at a wholesale price. We acquire dresses from reputed brands, which make them wrinkle-free and comfortable without compromising style and softness.

Wholesale Bodycon Dress

Bodycon dresses are the epitome of contemporary fashion and glamour. Pairing it with the right accessories can bring the wearers their desired look. These body-hugging dresses help the women flaunt their curves and be more confident. Our wholesale bodycon dresses can make them stand out from the ordinary giving them a flawless fit. But just because they are body-hugging, they are not uncomfortable to wear. On the contrary, they are extremely stretchable and offer remarkable comfort to women. These are the perfect club dresses available wholesale on our online store.

Wholesale Casual Dress

Our wholesale casual dresses are perfect for those who are looking for ultimate comfort. Our casual maxi dresses are can be worn for any occasion like a romantic date or a family function, a night out, or anywhere you want. Our plain maxi dress at wholesale is extremely demanding among modern women who like the minimalistic style. Our casual dresses are created to be perfect for both spring and summer and for any occasion. Wholesale white dresses are one of our most popular casuals dresses.

Wholesale Jersey Dress

These dresses are made from a fabric that is stretchy and super cozy. We aim to give women the most comfort without compromising on the aesthetics with our exclusive and alluring wholesale jersey dresses. They are suitable for both work and other occasions. Our wholesale midi dresses in jersey material can make you the most fashionable diva at the party without causing you any discomfort. You can move any way you want and stay relaxed all day and night with our jersey dresses that comes in different colors, sizes, and designs.

Wholesale Knit Dresses

Winter does not have to be the time of the year when you have to look unflattering and bulky to stay warm. At Lonca, we have a collection of stylish and shapely wholesale knit dresses to help you stay stylish and warm at the same time. We also have oversized knit sweatshirts that will give you a cute yet trendy look. Our hoodie dress wholesale is one of our best-sellers in the winter. Our snug-fit knit dresses, tops, and oversized sweatshirts are made from the highest quality polyester and cotton that helps the wearers stay not only warm but cozy.

Wholesale Formal Dresses

International boutiques can find all types of formal dresses from the biggest maxi dress wholesale vendors at affordable prices on our website. Our cotton maxi dresses, wholesale long sleeve dresses, jumpsuits, and more are perfect for your everyday workplace. They will give you a sleek and stunning look when you addend then office. We have wholesale work dresses for women of all sizes that can complement their look while at the same time giving them a formal look. We have a huge collection of wholesale cotton dresses that are perfect for your workplace.

Wholesale Clothing Vendors for Boutiques

At Lonca, we believe that women deserve to get access to the biggest clothing brands in the world. We provide dresses from the biggest international vendors such as Setre, Divlin, Robin, Allday, FK.Pynappel, Big Merter, Mizalle, Tommy Life, Adrom, and many more to boutiques from all over the world. As one of Istanbul’s biggest online wholesale marketplace, we keep our inventory updated with the most fashionable and trusted brands from all over the world. You cannot find a similar wholesale dresses marketplace anywhere in Istanbul that covers so many international brands at such an incredible price range.

Who Can Buy Our Wholesale Dresses?

We are a wholesale marketplace, so we sell to dress retailers all over the world that want to get their hands on the major fashion brands. Our wholesale dresses can help you become a trendsetter in the market. Boutique owners can shop from as many Turkish suppliers as they like on the website without any minimum ordering limit.

Why Choose Us as a Wholesale Dress Marketplace for Retailers?

We are the biggest wholesale marketplace that supplies premium quality dresses to boutiques all over the world in bulk at a competitive price. We are the fastest-growing dress wholesaler in Turkey catering to the demand of international retailers. We help boutiques across the world to get access to premium-quality clothes and Turkey dresses wholesale at affordable prices. We offer the most exclusive and trendy designs that you cannot find anywhere else. We have the biggest choice of colors, designs, sizes, and styles that no other wholesaler can compete with. We also offer white labeling services as per the choice of the buyers. We offer the fastest delivery service to our global customers. You will be able to get your hands on their chosen items within 5 to 7 days. We have an excellent customer help desk that is live 24x7. So, you can reach them anytime to get your issues solved.


The quality of our dresses is what separates us from the other dress wholesalers. Our dresses are made from premium quality materials that not only make them durable but comfortable and luxurious as well. We have cotton dresses, wholesale satin dresses, polyester knit dresses, and dresses made out of other lightweight fabrics that satisfy the customers every time. The detailed information on material and quality is provided on our website so the buyers are fully informed about what they are buying. As a wholesale marketplace, we make sure to choose brands that use the most luxurious materials to make the dresses.


Lonca ships its products to boutiques all over the world. We have frequent clients from countries like Australia, Africa, Europe, The Unites States, and the Middle East. With our consolidated shipping buyers won’t have to pay separate shipping charges when they buy dresses from different brands.

Our Return Policy

Returning items bought from the website of Lonca is absolutely allowed. We have a free return policy for the first purchase by a buyer on the site as buying dresses online does not provide a tactile experience to the buyers. Dresses help women create an elegant silhouette and flattering look. The best thing about dresses is that they come in different designs, sizes, and shapes. We bring the biggest collection of all types of dresses from the most luxurious brands at the wholesale price to retailers from all over the world.